Album Cover
Universal Sentiment EP
The Tramp Aviators
Released: Nov 8, 2012
Track Listing
1 Universal Sentiment
2 The Revolt

Liner Notes

Ladies and Gentlemen we are delighted to announce the release of The Tramp Aviators latest single containing two brand new tracks 'Universal Sentiment' and 'The Revolt'.

Universal Sentiment is an ever-so-slightly groovy, ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek love song that deals with the idea of love in a cosmic context. 
The Revolt is one our more political songs (apparently). Paul thinks he can explain it, but no-one really has a scooby what he's on about.  "It was inspired by seeing someone take down some bunting after the jubilee and reflecting and what a sad thing that was inspired me to think about inevitable yet protracted death of organised religion, what might replace it and what we might miss about it" he says. Hmmm. Whatever he's on about, it's got a nice hummable tune and skips along at a jolly pace!
Lots of Love, The Tramps.


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